You Are Not Alone


End of Life Nurse Coach is founded by Thu Nguyen a Registered Nurse with knowledgeable and clinical experience in Acute, Critical, and Hospice Care offering compassionate coaching with guidance and support through her own private End of Life Nurse Coaching Advice line. 

What is an end of life nurse coach?


End of Life Nurse Coach is a Registered Nurse specializing in providing compassionate emotional and spiritual support, guidance, and clinical education for individuals, families, and friends who are transitioning into end of life care.    

Speaking the language of medicine and focusing on what matters most at the end of life: Dying with Dignity and Quality of Life.

Why an end of life nurse coach?

  • Are you having a difficult time in making decisions?
  • Is quality of life and comfort your priority?
  • Are you or your love one in need of guidance and support during your transition?
  • Do you feel lonely in this process?
  • Do you have unanswered questions regarding your end of life care and choices?
  • Do you understand your current clinical condition and treatment plan?



  • Remain anonymous and private with our advice line.
  • Guidance and Support for you and your family in all phases of End of Life Care and you will never be alone.
  • Motivation and support that gives you mental and emotional strength.
  • Education on your clinical condition, treatment plans, and End of Life choices.
  • Get REAL honest answers from a healthcare professional.

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Quality of Life and Dying with Dignity


As your End of Life Nurse Coach I focus on reality, quality of life, and transitioning into your End of Life with comfort, ease, and having your dignity protected.  I am passionate about creating a positive awareness and acceptance of the death and dying process as part of the natural human life cycle.  I believe it is not the end rather a new beginning to your life transition. 

“It is not the end rather a new beginning to your life transition.”
— Love, Thu Nguyen, RN-BSN



1.  email for an appointment

2. appointment confirmed

3.  SIMPLY dial 1 (888) 900-6478*


*Prior to calling, please review the legal disclaimer and service agreement.

Need help planning in advance?


Advance Planning is planning in advance on how you envision your End of Life Care to be when you are no longer able to make your own medical decisions.  


Avoid unnecessary suffering and burdening love ones with difficult decisions in your end of life medical decisions. 


Call today and let me answer your questions.